Our work

The Vines Foundation carries out various initiatives aimed at creating positive change in the Uco Valley and advancing sustainable development goals. This includes funding community projects, educational programs, health initiatives and other efforts to improve the well being of the local community.

Community Dining Programs

These programs provide meals and nutritional support to underserved individuals and families in the community, addressing food insecurity and promoting healthy eating habits.

Dog Shelter

The dog shelter provides a safe and caring environment for stray or abandoned dogs, offering shelter, veterinary care and opportunities for adoption to give these animals a second chance at a loving home.

Mobile Veterinary Unit for Spaying

This initiative involves a mobile veterinary clinic that travels to underserved areas to provide essential veterinary services, including spaying/neutering, vaccinations and preventive care for pets in need.

Community Gardens and Nurseries

These projects establish community gardens and nurseries to promote sustainable agriculture, environmental awareness, and community engagement, by providing residents with access to fresh produce and educational opportunities.

Partnership with the University of Notre Dame

This partnership with the University of Notre Dame facilitates student exchange programs and professional internships, allowing students to gain practical experience while contributing to municipality projects aligned with the Foundation’s goals.

Other Alliances and Agreements

The Foundation forms alliances and agreements with other organizations, government agencies, and stakeholders to leverage resources, expertise, and support for various community development initiatives, fostering collaboration and collective impact.

Future Projects

Community Center

Health Policies

Vocational School

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