Who we Are

The Vines Foundation is a catalyst for positive change in Tunuyán, a city in the Western province of Mendoza, Argentina. As the philanthropic arm of The Vines, an Argentine farming, winemaking and hospitality company with deep local and international connections, the Foundation is leveraging its resources to meet the immediate and long-term needs of the local community. We are seeking to increase capacity and participation through engaging Vines owners and guests, community members and organizations, local businesses, and the municipal government to address complex challenges facing Tunuyán’s residents.


The Vines Foundation is a catalyst for positive change in the Uco Valley of Argentina. We are a dedicated partner who supports sustainable initiatives that improve the overall health and vibrancy of our surrounding community of Tunuyan.


Our vision is to see the Uco Valley flourish as a model of sustainable development, where The Vines Foundation’s initiatives serve as a blueprint for community-centric progress.


Rooted in our commitment to the Uco Valley community and the principles of Agenda 2030, our values of community engagement, sustainability, and inclusivity guide our actions. We prioritize ethical practices, environmental responsibility, and collaboration, recognizing that these values align with the broader vision of a more sustainable and equitable world.

Our Team

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